Self Storage Solutions

Business Storage

Business storage

Self storage can help your business in many ways.

You may find that you just do not have the space to accommodate all the stock you need to carry. This is where Bright Blue Box Self Storage can help. We offer dry, secure storage units and free use of shelving so you can stay organised and free up that much needed space.

Warehouse storage

Our storage units could also be used as a "virtual warehouse", meaning you could continue to operate your business from your existing premises, rather than be forced to upgrade to a larger building as your business grows.

Storage for slow moving stock items

Perhaps you've outgrown your retail premises. If you have slower moving stock that you do not need constant access to, then self storage is ideal.

Market stall holders

If you're a market stall holder and would like to re-claim the space in your garage, we can help. Your stock and stall equipment can be safely stored and retrieved whenever needed.

Exhibitions & trade shows

Exhibition and trade show stock and equipment can take up large areas and are often only needed a few times a year. Securely store them in our building and give yourself more room to move.

Store your leaflets, brochures & other literature in a damp-free environment

Printed literature is heavy and bulky and suffers from damp storage. Your garage or shed may not be the best place to store these items. If you don't have have room at your business premises, you can use our storage units, drawing off as needed for leaflet drops etc.

With rooms from 20 square feet to 160 square feet, we can help with a variety of storage needs. We're just off the A40 in the village of Eynsham (West of Oxford) too, so are ideally located for West Oxfordshire businesses.

Call today on 01865 884 144 and get a quote for your own particular storage requirements.